About Us

Today we are living in a global village. World is shrinking fastly and drastically. Barriers of boundaries and question of sovereignty has got eclipsed by the emergence of concepts like globalization, economic liberalization and open market world economy. So is the change in the interpretation of ethics, principles, morals and values. Society is on the brink of collapse. Materialism and mechanism has over powered emotions and the feeling of community living.

The concept of global village and global family has always been universal in nature, a combination of ancient and modern era where universal brotherhood has got echoed and this is far from any geographical, historical, cultural, religious, social and political compartmentalization of barriers.

Objectivies of the trust and its regulations:

a) To publicize and circulate emotions of global universal brotherhood, to live and let live the human being in the atmosphere of truthfulness, honesty, integrity and peaceful co-existence without encroaching others liberty in the shape of social justice making the dream of ‘Entire World is One Family’ come true and to avoid ‘Clash of Civilization’.

b) To hit, at the global level, on the factors responsible for untouchability, apartheid, communalism, begging, prostitution, hunger, disease, corruption, war, scandals, scams, drugs and narcotics, crime etc. and to eradicate social corruption and to put effort in ensuring a smooth for human livelihood.

c) To create a bridge between the followers of different religious, social and political ideologies across the world without any political interest and to create co-ordination between various institutions and organizations working with different objectives and goals and also to put efforts for co-existence of various isms, internationally.

d) To give relief to the international community spending life of inhuman conditions by getting trapped in adverse circumstances and to do so by way of in change and exchange of services in different parts of the world society spreading the view of humanitarianism.

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