WFF Report

WFF report on visite to eastern u.p.

From the Desk of the Chairman:

It is my privilege to submit this brief report received from World Family Forum Regional Office at Allahabad on my five day visit to Uttar Pradesh.
The visit was an eye opener for me. I had never experienced such pain inside me on seeing the poverty and exploitation of our fellow humans. I witnessed some of the most pathetic conditions and saw nakedness, hunger and hopelessness. I saw homeless skeletons… I met desperate people who believed they had no future at all. Each one of them are human beings. They belong to our race and we feel ashamed when we see our image in those skeletons. It is a fact that we belong to them, we are the same. I most intensely urge you to hold hands so that World Family Forum could begin changing their lives and help them to bring back the dignity they deserve as human beings. That is our dignity and we would certainly like to retain it. I thank friends and co-workers for organizing the visit, leading to free, frank and open discussion on some of the burning issues.

Manmohan Shastri (Good-Do)

SWISS campaign reportaz

Look down under your feet as you stand or walk on the stone paved streets. Do you know where these beautiful stones came from or who crafted them to perfection? If these stones came from India, I must confess that these are most probably laced with tears and blood of underpaid workers, operating in most inhumane conditions. I highly commend SLA / SAH for the Campaign for Public Procurement of Clean Stones in Switzerland and plead Municipalities, Cantons/Customers and the Government to patronize only clean and Fair Trade stones. If they resolve to do so, things will change on the ground in India.

A better world is possible, let us work together! Thank You!”

Report on poverty eradication


Today we are living in a global village. World is shrinking rapidly and drastically. Barriers of boundaries and question of sovereignty has been eclipsed by the emergence of concepts like globalization, economic liberalization and open market world economy. So is the change in the interpretation of ethics, principles,morals and values. Society is on the brink of collapse. Materialism and mechanism has over powered emotions and the feeling of community living. Challenges are ahead in all over the world.
Transformation of the system is proving to be a nightmare. Ethnic conflicts, apartheid, terrorism, illiteracy, population explosion, power alignments, war etc… have become reasons for genocides. The gap between developed and developing nations gettingwidened.Developing countries have become the dumping land for the developed nations. Inner instincts and infatuation and fascination for world international philosophy, spiritualism, reclusion, intellectualism and informative aesthetic intelligence are no longer the hot beds for international peace and co-existence. The concept of ‘wholeworld is a family’ is still like a dream to come true and a goal still far off from attainment.
The formation of ‘World Family Forum’ was necessary if a bird eye view is to be put on the present, modern and global scenario. ‘World Family Forum’ is committed to lighting candle, removing darkness and ensuring profound all round growth, development and welfare. We believe in clubbing the approach of traditionalismwith the fundamentals of modernism.

Tree plantation


Gala Tree Plantation manage tree coverage on a sustainable basis. Trees are positively of great importance for the creation of favorable climate, enhance fertility of the soil, remove erosion and salinity and maintain ecological balance. The involvement of people, particularly at the grassroots level and agencies outside the Government is crucial for achieving these targets. The Government of Uttar Pradesh decided to increase the green cover in the state from the paltry 9.3% at present by planting 10 million saplings on 30 July 2007 in the state.

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